Forza Precision 10000 S

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Product parameters
302359 FZ FORZA PRECISION 10.000 S
Taiwan wire hole: 88
Weight: 87 grams
Balance point: 290mm
Softness: harder (4)
Middle pole: 40T super rigid CNT
carbon fiber Frame: 40T super rigid CNT carbon fiber,
Full titanium mesh weaving power: 10
Applicable players: Offensive
Recommended pounds: 30 pounds
Features: a perfect combination of strength and precision. The aerodynamic swing force design and 290mm balance point, combined with the all-titanium mesh weave, bring you extreme precision. Harder mid-bar hardness is the first choice for technical players, able to find a balance between power and control. The smooth paint surface of the special technology ensures the breaking force, increasing the speed and accuracy. (FZ FORZA)

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