Karakal B-65 FF

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Karakal B 65 FF Badminton Racket is a superlight racket that is strong and plays with precision and pace. Constructed using Ultra-Lite Extreme Carbon Gel with no paint or large decals to keep the weight to a minimum. Features:-

Fast Fibre - A graphite spring formation through the racket that increases frame recovery time after the hit by 10%.

Ultralight Nano Gel technology, gel is combined with Nano carbon and titanium which produces a strong frame which absorbs and disperses impact over the entire frame.

Featuring a high strength head loop which can take up to 28lbs stringing tension, rolling table precision shaft and a strong tee section which reduces torque from off centre hits to almost zero.

Double grommet system at the tee joint provides extra strength to the racket frame.

Isometric Head with Super Muscle enlarges sweetspot and increases power and stability.

Flex: Stiff
Head Shape: Isometric
Weight: 6U (65g)
Mfrs. Max Stringing Tension: 27 lbs
Country of Origin: China

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