Voltric FB Blue JP Ver.

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BLACK MICRO CORE: Boosted Power and Feel

Used for the first time in Yonex badminton racquets, BLACK MICRO CORE is a stiff, high-density vibration-dampening material equipped into the upper part of the VOLTRIC FB frame letting players hit with solid feeling and power.

The TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM: Power and Maneuverability Combined

VOLTRIC racquets get their immense power and speed from the innovative TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM. This system combines intelligent head weighting, frame flex and aerodynamics to generate explosive force without compromising speed or handling.


The stiff structure at the top of the frame allows the head to flex in a controlled way, holding shuttles on the string bed for longer.


The weight at the top of the frame and at the joint area provides great handling while maintaining head-heavy power.

A lightweight racquet that provides a solid feel and excellent power.

Level: Advance / Professional

Type: Offensive, All Around

Flex: Stiff

Head: Square/Isometric

B.Pt: Head Heavy Balance

Frame: H.M. Graphite/Tungsten/BLACK MICRO CORE

Shaft: H.M. Graphite/NANOMETRIC

Weight / Grip Size: F (Ave.73g) G5, 6 5U (Ave.78g) G5, 6

Stringing Advice: F 19-24lbs, 5U 19-24lbs

Colour: Black/Blue

Please choose the STRING in Stringing Service page, if you need our stringing service.

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