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      Welcome to E78 SHOP

      Here is the Simple Guide for How to get your E Point and redeem

      E Point 
      Earn more E Point for different actions, and turn those E Point into awesome rewards!

      First create account become our member! E78 member can Earn E Point on our online store and local retail store.

      Become our member Earn more 700 E Point.

      Before 2020/12/31 only 5000 E Point can get $10 coupon.

      Ways to earn

      700 E Point
      Place an order
      1 E Point for every $1 spent
      Follow on Twitter
      50 E Point
      Follow on Instagram
      50 E Point
      Like on Facebook
      50 E Point
      Celebrate a birthday
      1000 E Point
      Share on Twitter
      50 E Point
      Share on Facebook
      50 E Point

      Ways to redeem
       $10 off coupon
      5000 E Point
      $50 off coupon
      50000 E Point
      $100 off coupon
      100000 E Point


       Special offer in 11/11/2020-12/11/2020

      $11 off coupon only 1100 E Point. Only two days offer!!

      Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

       They get
      $5 off coupon
      You get
      $5 off coupon


      Create the account and enjoy the shopping!!

      E78 SHOP reserves the rights for final decision.