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Li-Ning Badminton Model Turbo Charging 75EX is built on the innovation and technology of Li-Ning to be a model that has the efficiency of aerodynamic efficiency. It has an innovative trapezoidal frame structure ( Trapezoidal Frame Construction that helps power players with extra strong swing speed (Extra Strong Swing Speeds) and fast response time Ideal for fast players. Like a sudden attack And strong defense skills… .The definition of this model is fast (Fast). The definition of 3D Calibar is severe (Powerful) while the definition of the Aeronaut model is Control. You are the captain who is controlling the aircraft. In the path you specify


Material: Carbon Fiber

Weight: W3 (87g)

Handle Size: S2

Racket Length: 675mm

Handle Length: 200mm

Balance Point: 306mm

Shaft Solidity: 8.5

Tension: Max tension 35lbs

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