Kakao Friends Play With Friends Badminton Racket

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Play with Kakao Friends responsible for your health!
This is a Sesel ears badminton racket with Ryan and Apeach characters printed on the handle.
It's not heavy and it's good for women.
It's also perfect for those who are new to badminton.
It consists of 2 ricketets & a full cupper set for families and lovers to use together.

Product name and model name : Play with friends badminton racket 8809538000115

KC Certification Required : Not Applicable

Size / weight : about 65cm, 110g

Color : pink and others

Material : High Tempered Steel, Aluminum Steel

Age : 8 years old

Date of Release of the same model : 2019.02

Manufacturer : Brion Sports

Country of manufacture : China

Handling Precautions
1) Please use this product according to its exact purpose.
2) If you place it next to fire, please note that the shape and color may be changed.
3) The damage and pain caused by using the product may vary by individual. It is not a condition.
4) Do not exercise without any proper instructions or consult a specialist or doctor if you have a problem.
5) We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from product damage or use resulting from personal repair or modification of each product.

Quality Assurance Standard : This product can be exchanged and compensated according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standard notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

A / S Officer and Phone : Kakao Friends Customer Service 1577-6263

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