DR-iFeet Enhanced Comfort Insole

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Product feature

  • Mainly for sports shoes
  • Australian Design
  • Enhance air permeability
  • Reduce sprain injury
  • Stabilize ankle joint

(1) Surface Layer applies a patent technology, CLEANSPORT NXT, which converts sweat and germs into vapor.

(2) Help correct running posture, reduce tiredness and promote blood circulation.

(3) Protect your foot against injury, with muscle strengthening and fatigue reduction.

(4) Micro porous EVA layer enhances air permeability, shock absorbance and rebounding force reduction.

(5) Reinforced heel cup design stabilizes ankle joint and avoids sprain injury.

(6) 3D anatomical arch insert alleviates foot pain caused by flattened foot, over pronation or supination.

(7) High quality PORON material acts as an outstanding cushion, absorbing shock and reducing rebounding force effectively.


  • Remove the current insoles and replace with Dr i-feet insoles. If trimming is required, overlay the current insoles and trim them to fit your shoes size.
  • Cleaning
  • Wash by hand in cold water with mild detergent, do not wring. Air dry.

Comfort and Fit insole

  • Reinforce heel support
  • Stabilize ankle joint
  • Reduce foot tiredness
  • Enhance forefoot cushion

Size: S(36-38), 39, 40, 41, L(42-44)

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