RAKUWA NECKLACE Magnetic Titanium V type

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Product Information
Country of Origin Japan
Size 45cm, 50cm
Color Pink, Black
Material  Fabric: Polyester
String: Core: Magnet (with micro titanium ball)
Fastener: Stainless steel + Polyacetal + Crystal

AquaTitanium X30

Micro titanium ball

“Phiten RAKUWA Magnetic Titanium Necklace V Type 45cm/50cm” improves blood circulation by magnetizing the core of the string into the neck and shoulders.
■ Because a magnet is used for the core of the string and Swarovski is used for the fastener, it is a high-quality material that is easy to wear for everyday use as well as for business use.
■ It can be easily removed by holding the desorption part and removing it.
■ Stylish V-type top.
■ Managed medical equipment.

■ Notes
* Those who use implantable medical electrical devices that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, such as pacemakers, and medical electrical devices that may be magnetically affected, such as variable pressure shunts for cerebrospinal fluid shunting Do not use it because it may cause the device to malfunction.
* If you are receiving medical treatment, please consult with your doctor before using this product.

Improvement of stiffness and blood circulation at the attachment site

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