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      Mizuno x Pokemon Goods

      Mizuno x Pokemon Goods

      Those who are about to start sports, those who want to move their bodies with their parents,
      For everyone involved in sports!
      An important time to spend with family and friends, the joy of physical activity,
      Share the excitement of sports with everyone.
      From such a concept, we can be a bridge between sports and everyone.
      A lineup designed with Pokemon was born.
      Let's play sports with family and friends!
      Since the game was released in 1996, we will release items designed by Pokemon, which has gained popularity both in Japan and overseas.
      From cute T-shirts with Pikachu illustrations to small leather goods.
      It will be sold sequentially at Mizuno directly managed stores, Mizuno official online stores, and some Mizuno product dealers.
      Mizuno official online will be released sequentially from Mind Aug
      * Some products and release dates may differ.